Ajwa Dates


Ajwa is considered a natural healer making it the most sought after date. Comes with moderate sweetness, Ajwa is oval in shape, uniquely soft and little dry. Renown for its medicinal benefits and scholarly mentions in religious books, Ajwa us simply a marvel, full of essential nutrients. 

Safawi Dates


Safawi’s large size, firm texture, chewy characteristics and decadent flesh makes them a wholesome treat.

Sukkary Dates


Sukkary Dates are the sweetest of the date varieties, unique for their caramel-like flavour. Soft, moist and succulent Sukkary with its distinctive taste makes them an ideal dessert to complement your meals.

Sagaie Dates


Sagaie dates are delicate in taste and mild in sweetness. They’re often used as an additive to your salads, granola, hot cereals, and baked goods to prepare truly delicious recipes. It is also a great snack for quick energy.

Khudri Dates


Khudri dates are known for their signature chewy flesh and dark brown skin. Commonly used in confectionery products, Khudri dates are sweetly dry and filled with essential vitamins to keep you healthy.

Anbar Dates


Anbar dates are the largest around. They are appealing due to their big, fleshy form and small seed. Anbar dates are sweet, brown and full of proteins.